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http://murrietachiropractic.com "Sub" means less-than and "luxation" is the root for dislocation. So subluxation implies that the bones are out of alignment but not completely dislocated, they are "locked" in position. It is the process the body uses to shield the nerves that exit the spine. If the vertebra were to move way too much they could severe the nerve and you may be paralyzed.

The body's defense is to lock down the vertebra whenever it senses stress, weakness or trauma and naturally releases these "locking" mechanisms when we sleep. Still, with recurring stress, weakness or trauma the body will lock down on a continued basis, causing interference to the nerves that pass through these vertebrae. The body forms patterns to counteract these subluxations on a daily basis which usually cause diseases to develop.

These subluxations are set straight by gentle chiropractic adjustments. Physical therapy, massage, and medication do not change the blueprinting or patterning of the nerve system. By removing the pressure on the nerves, good nerve communication is restored, and the body's ability to heal is reestablished.

One other issue is that subluxations do not always cause pain, but still diminish the body's nerve supply, which creates intermittent communication inside the body. General Principled chiropractic appointments make sure that no "hidden" subluxations are left unchecked.


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